Tourist Attractions, Cities and Towns & National Parks

Make sure your visitors never miss another event, feature or secluded attraction. Feature selected hotels and restaurants; guide them to the best beaches and places of interests.

Guide your visitors with ease directly around your tourist attraction with the use of a map or augmented reality view, displaying individual flags as indicators for different areas, picnic zones, natural or man-made attractions, information centres etc.

With our accurate, straight forward administration system, you can control & edit information displayed at all times, manage proximity actions upon a visitor approaching a specific location & add important updates straight away.

Visitors have the ability to organise & filter flag indicators, choosing to view only information of most interest & use to them, customising your application for their maximum benefit.


Qavian CMS

All Qavian apps come with the most advanced, easy to use feature-packed CMS system.

Create and manage categories, flags & all content.

  • Add and schedule events and notifications
  • Feature and group content, locations & events.
  • Set and deploy proximity alerts & notifications.
  • Control the appearance and the content of your apps’ Home screen.

virtual guide

Virtual Guide

Guide your visitors through your area.

  • Feature events and locations.
  • Recommend locations & events based on your user’s location.
  • Edit categories and sub-categories
  • No roaming fees for your visitors


Events & Notifications

  • Schedule events in advance
  • Keep your visitors up-to-date at all times
  • Users can easily set reminders for the events they are interested in
  • Send your visitors push-notifications on all important events

virtual guide

Pages & Content

Easily create content to display in your app

  • Create pages, polls & notifications
  • Add rich multimedia content to any location or event
  • Easily create photo & video galleries
  • Connect any content to any location
  • Group & display top attractions on your home screen


iBeacons & Location awareness

  •  Add iBeacons to any location (hotels, restaurants, historic landmarks, etc.)
  • Easily create and set proximity actions to activate when users approach the location
  • use iBeacons  to detect users’ position and display relevant content
  • Automatically open Pages, notifications, user polls etc.
  • Use iBeacons to generate special offers for your visitors
  • Collect anonymous statistics
  • & much, much more…


Create and display Paths

  • Easily create Paths and add them to the map of your area
  • Create scenic routes, walking/hiking paths…
  • Add public transportation routes to your app
  • Recommend routes for first-time visitors
  • Add any flags & content to the Path
  • use iBeacons  to detect users’ position and display relevant content