Supermarkets, Shopping Malls & Retail

The most advanced system of its kind on the market, Qavian offers  incredible value to you and your customers. In-store navigational assistance, location-aware shopping list reminders, real-time promotions and advanced loyalty modules, detailed statistics, store area management,  geofencing, proximity notifications & alerts, to name but a few of the many advantages all within the palm of your hand!

In-store guidance & navigation

A guide through your venue, store, supermarket or any other indoor venue, with advanced functions designed to assist your customers/visitors on the location and provide you with new revenue opportunities, the ability to promote section, discounts, new and sponsored products or events easily and in real-time.

Advanced store statistics

Collect important and valuable data. Measure the success of your floor layout & product placement in attracting customers to special offers.

Layout editor

Edit the content and appearance of your “home” screen in real-time.
Feature what is relevant to you and your customers/visitors at any given moment.

Shopping list and in-store reminders

Your customers can open your store application & create their shopping list in the comfort of their own home, ready for use in your store. The app guides them within your store and locates the selected items and their designated store areas.

Proximity notifications

Notify your customers to events or special offers throughout your store or location. Alert your customers to new and sponsored items in your store(s) as they approach the item’s physical location.

iBeacons & Geofencing

Add iBeacons to any location within your supermarket, store or mall; easily create and set Proximity actions to activate when users approach – display relevant content, automatically open pages, notifications, user polls etc. Use iBeacons to generate Special offers for your visitors, collect anonymous statistics & much more…

Area Manager

Create and control actions that occur when customers enter specific areas of your store. Trigger customer polls, events, notifications, sponsored actions, welcome messages and more.

Qavian Loyalty

The future of Loyalty Programs – your customers can receive loyalty points based on their visits, particular stores they frequent etc. The points can then be used to participate in discounts, personalized promotions, discounts in the stores they frequent, and more.

Existing Loyalty programmes

Qavian systems can fully integrate with your existing loyalty program. Your customers can view their current status, points generated, & special offers at any time.