Tourism & Outdoors

Mobile apps for Tourist areas & Attractions, Cities and Towns, National Parks – everything your visitors might need, and more…

Retail & Business

Advanced mobile solutions for supermarket chains & shopping malls – the future of shopping and Loyalty programmes is finally here!

Indoor venues and Events

Innovative mobile solutions for Concert Halls, Music festivals, Museums, Fairs, Airports and other indoor venues.

Custom design, the power and the simplicity of Qavian CMS; the ability to control the content of your mobile app without any additional expenses or training are real game-changers.

Qavian has been developed to meet the specific needs and parameters of public spaces (both indoor & outdoor) & the retail, art, education, festival, amusement & tourist sectors, to name but a few. The potential uses for Qavian systems are limitless, due to it’s modular design and flexibility.

A custom designed mobile application (Android and iOS) with advanced functions and sub-modules, Qavian comes complete with its own custom administration system (Qavian CMS), enabling total control over the content (and the look) of your mobile application.

This is not just an application tailor designed for you, but a complete system giving you the ability to manage, edit and control the content, gather anonymous customer information, patterns, valuable statistics and more.

Qavian apps can connect to your existing Loyalty programme, or use our own revolutionary loyalty module (email us for more information).

Some of the benefits of Qavian for you: